BarnaPossun is about all of us: a community of parents, babysitters, children, and the Babysits team. Curious about the role you play?

The parents

Finding a trustworthy babysitter online can be difficult. This is where BarnaPossun comes in. We provide a transparent platform so you can feel confident that your children are in the best hands.
If you are looking for a toddler wrangler, peek-a-boo player, diaper changer, tantrum averter, homework helper, or pillow fort builder, BarnaPossun has got you covered!

 How BarnaPossun works

The babysitters

Do you like being your own boss and choosing your own hours and wage? Do you absolutely love kids and would like to gain relevant work experience and some extra cash?
The BarnaPossun community is the perfect place for toddler wranglers, peek-a-boo players, diaper changers, tantrum averters, homework helpers, or pillow fort builders!

 How BarnaPossun works

The children

The children’s safety and comfort is the number one priority. Measures such as government ID verification, reviews, references, and more eliminate parents’ concerns.
Additionally, our community resources include childcare advice, DIYs, recipes, and activities to spend quality time with kids.

The Babysits team

BarnaPossun was founded in 2008. We were motivated by the idea of developing an easy-to-use platform that gives parents both freedom and peace of mind: Our mission of empowering communities around childcare globally was born.
Today, BarnaPossun consists of a motivated team working towards safe, accessible, and affordable childcare. We highly value transparency and continuous improvement.

What we stand for

Here at BarnaPossun, we believe in supporting social good and making sure that we leave a liveable planet for the children that are the heartbeat of our global community.
Because of this, Babysits has become a member of Leaders For Climate Action, an organization of like-minded businesses who have pledged to take action against carbon pollution and climate change. Among other things, we spend part of our revenue on removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.